When I was caled to a 5 days dry fast

by Harriet Mudekunye
(Redhill , Surey, UK)

Thirteen years ago The Spirit of the Lord called me to fast for 5days. It ws a dry fast. I took off from work and locked myself in my bedroom. I was praying and reading the word of God. Listening to what the Spirit wanted to impart to me.
I heard the Lord comanding me to give my two children to im. He gave me the examle of Joseph giving Manasah and Ephraim to his Father Jacob. I questioned God why was that necessary since my children's Father was alive and he was to do that.
At that time we were not living with my husband, he was in africa and we were in UK. The Spirit of the Lord commanded me to do it and said I wllundrstand it later.

And surely in did. My husband died few months after and God was preparing me for that. He is the father to the fatherless. It was this fasting time that God prepared me for the task of burring my husband and to be single mother,
Fastin is important.
Thank you Lord!


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