Trust in The Lord, He really hears you and talks to you

by Jennifer

I had trouble in my live, I ask the Lord Jesus, to save me from all my troubles. I had more trouble with, my twins father and his wife long before I had my twins. She was calling me names and other things that was bad. He told me that they were having problems together, and other things.

Good fryday I begon with fasting, every fryday, because I was born on a good fryday. So this year I begon my fasting from 06 am to 06 pm with fasting.

Last fryday I was praying and ask the Lord Jesus to help me to be good and to do good in all time, because I don't want to go to hel, but I want to go to Heaven, I want to be his child. I cry praying and something told me to call my twins there father and ask him to talk with his wife. At first I was scared, but I was cape praying to be strong and that Lord must help me.
I heard the voice again seeing: do it know!
So I took my chance to call him, I ask him if his wife was at home, because I want to talk with her.
He sad he wasn't at home, and he was so serprice, he ask why I want to speak to her. I was very nervous, but I told him that I want to talk to her and ask her forgifnes, what was happend between us. He ask why know, I told him that I was praying and I got an visioen to do so. He told me when he gat home he will aks her first. Later on I got the same feeling again that I must call. I did, but he said she wasn't home jet, but he will call me if he talks to her. He ask me if I wanted to do that on the phone are personal. I told him persenal was good, he ask where, I told him sunday after the church mis. He said ok. Later on he called me and told me that his wife agreed. The next day, saterday, the father of the twins met me and he told me that she wanted to do that the year before, but he told her that I wasn't ready. Sundaymorning I went t church whith all my kids, after the mis they came I went to them, he helpt me with the kids. I greet her, she greet back, and I talk with her, she talk to me, we talked about everything a litle what went wrong. The Holy Spirit was with us that day, I told her that I forgive her she told me that she forgive me and than we embrace, the kids were playing together her son and my daugther. She told me we will take the kids out together. I told here this is the Lords doing, the Lord wants this. After that she took my daugther and the twins out. That day we both feld so good. The Lord is true Love. I stopped smoking cigarette for almost 4 weeks now. I am feeling the spirit of love. The Lord is my Shepperd, Thank you Lord Jesus.

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