Praise the LORD

Expect transformations. I know that you are well kept of the Lord. God has remained faithful to us and we cannot but continue to thank Him and bless His glorious Name. Amen.

Friend, God has placed in my spirit that this is a season of TRANSFORMATIONS.

In Genesis 1:2, the Bible says "Now the earth was formless and empty; darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the spirit of God was hovering over the waters". This is what God transformed into the beauty that we now see. The light, the heavens, the seas and all that is in them.

The Bible says that:-

The earth was formless

I see God transforming any area of your life that is “formless” into something great and mind-blowing. There are things you have desired, dreamed about and just as you were about to take hold of them, like the wind, they did not take shape or form, but disappeared. It could be a promotion, a house, a job, a husband, a wife, an academic qualification, a visa, etc. This month however, we are in agreement and we destroy every hindering, every blockading and every delaying spirit that is keeping your blessing from taking form in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen. We decree that every desire shall take form and every dream shall come to pass. We call forth all the blessings from God that make rich and that add no sorrow to be made manifest your life in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

The earth was empty

This month, I see God transforming every "emptiness" in your life into a state of "fullness". Perhaps you have no joy, no peace, no love, no hope…. nothing but hopelessness. Friend, receive God’s gracious promise this month… A Transformation. Have you been a laughing stock? You will be the envy of many. Some things that have constantly been empty in your life, I speak a filling in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen. I speak a transformation in your marriage, your children, your prayer life, your intimacy with God, your bank account, on your job. In fact, I decree an all around transformation. You that are barren, expect to conceive. I speak fruitfulness to every barren and impotent area of your life. Are you "empty" of ideas? Expect creative ideas, uncommon ideas, expect a supernatural flow of unique, peculiar ideas. We decree wisdom to spring forth in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

The earth was dark

Friend, darkness means that some things have been unclear, uncertain, and you have been wondering what God’s will is in that or those areas of your life. This month, I call forth the light of Jesus Christ to shine on and transform all the dark blocks in your life. I declare clarity in every confused area of your life. I speak an utter end to the spirit of confusion in Jesus Powerful Name, Amen. We call forth divine transformation in any dark area regarding the ministry that God has called you to in Jesus Precious Name, Amen


Father, thank you for this month of transformations. We give you full access to our lives. Transform us in those areas of our life that need to be transformed, Transform our relationships, our ministries, our marriages, our children, our finances, our prayer life, etc. Lord, we need an all round transformation. We speak to every formlessness, emptiness and darkness to be destroyed and we embrace the transformation from You in Jesus Name, Amen. We thank you in advance for divine transformations and for all things that are becoming new in Jesus Precious Name, Amen.

Have a peaceful season as you walk in the transforming process of The Almighty God. Amen.

Be blessed,


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