Traditions in marriage especially in Africa

by Mucha Mhone

1. That our traditions would not be exalted above the Word of God in marriage

2. That spouses would give preference to the other submitting to each other in love. That traditions of husband suppressing wife would not be heard of in the xtian home.

3. That the altars in the home would be alters of prayer and agreement and not of traditional counsel.

4. That the acceptable tradition of "small house" (i.e. husband supporting a girlfriend in his 2nd home) would not be an issue in the house of God

5. That the fear of God would be standard by which mrriages are established

I pray for the full restoration of Dr Juanita Bynum's(our current day John the Baptist) marriage and ministry. A much needed ministry in this age. God is able to do more than we can imagine

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