To the gates of prison and back

by Mbi Peter
(Douala, Littoral, Cameroon)

A couple of months ago, precisely in March, I had a problem with a lady whose money i had misplaced. She took the problem to the police and make her case. I was locked up for almost a month without the prospect of coming out. While locked up, everyday, I prayed that God make a way for me. I had faith that no matter what happened or what any man plans to do, if God decides that I will not go to jail, I will be set free. During the duration i was locked up, I was taken to the courthouse more than seven times but each time, i was sent back to the police station. Everybody had lost hope but I had placed my faith in the Lord. Even the lawyer I had was working against me. He had never reviewed my statement at the police to build his case. But God was not going to abandon me. A guy I did not know saw my case file and told my colleagues that i can go to jail because my lawyer was not doing his job. He then recommended another lawyer for me. On two occasions, the attorney general had signed a petition for me to be transferred to jail but God did for me what he did for Joseph, He raised up somebody to talk for me in the places where i cannot defend myself. After all this turmoil, I was restored to my job. Even though the case is still in court, it does not disturb me because i have committed it in the hands of my savior Jesus and I know He is going to see me through.

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