The Peace I receive when Fasting

by Shasati Simmons
(Amarillo, Tx)

I have Fasted on several occasions for many different things. The one Fast that stands out the most for me that was truely life changing took place nearly six months ago. In the past year and a half I have seeked a stronger more intiment relationship with Jesus my Alpha and Omega. I have been blessed with a very great and annointed Pastor and church family here in my home town. In December 2008 I begin to realize that God has truley been blessing me even during the times when I didn't acknowledge Him the way that I was suppose to. I began to seek whole heartly the Favor of my Lord,and by doing so I knew that there were many things that I need to start changing if I loved Him like I said I did. My main focus of change at the time was to start living according to the laws of the Lord,which meant that the way that I was living was not pleasing to God my Heavenly Father. I have 3 beautiful,blessed and annointed boys of whom I had before marriage. I had been with my children's father for nearly 11yrs at the time but we were not married. I began to ask God to make me into the Christian, God fearing wife that I needed to be. And if it were His will for me to marry my children's father then that to is what I wanted, and if it was not in His will then even though I loved this man then I would truely be obedient unto my Lord and seperate. I began to Fast 2days out of every week beginnig as soon as I woke up and not ended until God agreed. In my Fast I prayed whole heartly yeilding my flesh unto the Holy Spirit. There were many times when I wanted to ask my long time boyfriend when and if he ever planned on marrying me, and during those times God would speak so very clearly to me that He does not work on my time, but on His and that He is a mistake free God. On Janurary 26,2009 my longtime boyfriend of nearly 11yrs supriseingly asked me to marry him. If no other time in the past had I realized the awsomeness of my God I did that day. Not only did my God prove to me that my praying and fasting were heard, and that He truely works on his time which is always on time!!! I or should I say We are stepping into our New and Blessed Season this comming Saturday, July 11, 2009.

Thank you for allowing me to share my testimony of God's Favor when Fasting and Praying take place. May our Awsome Ruler continue to guide any and everyone who may read this, as He continues to bless and annoint me and my family....

Love, Shasati Simmons

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Jul 08, 2010
Be strong in the Lord and the Power of His might
by: Anonymous

Hi there, I give all the glory and honor to God. I was led of the holy spirit to start fasting in january 2008 i fasted for 3days a week, mon,wed,fri. until June then God changed it to 2days a week tues,thurs. I felt in my spirit that He was preparing me for a 40day fast and kept asking the Lord when! well at the end of 2008 my husband and i went to the uk to visit my daughter for christmas as we live in south africa.every year i do the 21day fast as first fruits to the Lord and so started on jan1st 2009. i slipped at the airport with my brother with a burger asked for forgiveness and re-started my fast. when we arrived back in south africa i had to do grocery shopping and i felt led to a christian book shop called cum books, so i asked the Lord ok Lord why am i here?. i went in and went straight to a shelf that had a fating book on it by Jentzen Franklin. it is an awesome book and the moment i started reading i knew God was leading me to a40day fast, He had prepared me for a whole year. so i asked God again when? and He told me monday which by the way was 2 days later..... i asked for prayer as God had instructed me to do and HE gave me such an awesome annointing to get through the 40 days it was is now another year later and after much fasting last year God has sent me to the uk to do His work and as i write this testimony i would say to all who read it "whatever He tells you to do- do it"it is always for your good and His Glory.... I am now awaiting my husband to follow when he finishes up in south africa and spending time with God as much as possible praying and seeking His face and resting in Him. soaking in His pesence, so He can show me the next step,i am going to a healing and deliverance course for more equipping as that is how the Lord uses me...... i pray that all who reads this is encouraged in heart and rooted in love as you go forward in Christ and believe that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you....... my love to all the saints who read this in Jesus Mighty Name.... Amen and Amen.........

Aug 06, 2009
The peace I receive when fasting
by: Paula

Hi Shasati, I happened to come across your testimony while reading more on fasting and praying. Similar to your story I am also fasting for God's direction in my life with my boyfriend as well. We are both believers but have backslided on a physical aspect. I feel highly convicted and desire the will of God more than my own fleshly will. We have discussed it as a couple but somehow have allowed our flesh to take control in the longrun. I feel as though I am more convicted than he is and feel worse knowing that I would be encouraging him as a believer to partake in something I know is wrong even if we both have agreed to it. I would like to restore my celibacy until marriage, and though I do not want us to be married just for celibacy sake, I hope my boyfriend would be willing to commit to this until marriage. I am currently fasting about this right now and like your story, I am not only fasting for the strength to do God's will but to be also open to his will being that I be with my boyfriend or separate. I love my boyfriend dearly but I love God more. Though no one knows that I am currently fasting, I just had to share a comment in response to your story. It is reassurring to see in your testimony that when we are faithful, God is also faithful. God Bless you on and throughout your marriage.

Paula G.

Jul 06, 2009
Thank your for your fasting testimony.
by: Bro. Chester

Dear Shasati Simmons,

Praise the Lord!. Thank you for such a blessed testimony of Our Prayer answering God. He hears indeed. Fasting is a joy and it is my prayer that as many as shall partake of this glorious experience, God will meet each one of them at their point of need.

I pray for you Shasati that God will grace you with peace as you embark on this new journey in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.


Bro. Chester

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