The Kingdom of God

How does the Kingdom of God operate? How do we tell of the presence of the Kingdom? What rights does one have as a citizen of this Kingdom? Does the Kingdom have a healthcare plan? Does the Kingdom have a financial plan? What is the currency of this kingdom? Are there keys to this Kingdom?

Why study about the kingdom of God?

1. Old Testament warning. Hosea 4:6
2. Jesus emphasized it at the very beginning of His ministry. Matthew 4:17 3. Jesus emphasized it at after resurrection. Acts 1:3
4. John emphasized it at the very beginning of his ministry. Matthew 3:1-2 5. Paul emphasized it throughout his ministry. Acts 19:8
6. Mentioned in the Lord’s Prayer. Matthew 6:9-13
7. We are admonished - Matthew 6:33
8. The Pleasure of The Father. Luke 12:32, Matthew 25:34

Other vital mentions of the Kingdom

1. Jesus mentioned this of His mission.
Luke 4:43,Luke 8:1, Luke 9:2, Acts 1:3
2. Paul mentioned this about our citizenship.
Philippians 3:20

Other scriptures about the Kingdom of heaven/God

a. Romans 4:17
b. I Corinthians 4:20
c. Mark 4:26
d. Luke 13:18-20
e. Luke 17:21
f. Revelations 5:10

Who can enter the Kingdom ?

1. John 3:3
2. Mark 10:15
3. Luke 18:16-25

Look at these scriptures from Mathew's gospel about the Kingdom

1. Matthew 6:33
2. Matthew 5:3
3. Matthew 5:20 (Titus 3:5-7)
4. Matthew 13: 24-30
5. Matthew 18:4

Dr. Myles Munroe on The Kingdom of God

Dr. Myles Munroe is considered as one that has studied much about the Kingdom. He is respected internationally as an author, a lecturer, a teacher and a leadership mentor drawing very much from Kingdom principles. Dr. Myles has for over thirty years trained thousands of leaders in business, in industry, in education, in government, and religion.

Below are some video's of Dr. Myles with Pastor Benny Hinn.

Below are some great books on the Kingdom

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The Kingdom of God