Teen Devotions

The Bible says spare the rod and spoil the child. Teen Devotions may achieve more than what meets the eye. One may ask, how can we, as parents manage our teens? How can we use the rod without hitting the teens? How can we effectively allow God to mould our young ones to be what they were destined to be?

These youth devotionals will help many parents as their youth will no longer view their parents as managers but as comrades, partners and friends as they cope with the many issues of modern teenage life: alcohol, drugs, parties; academics; sex; eating disorders; homosexuality; divorce and remarriage etc.

It is our prayer that these devotionals will change teenagers and enhance true communication and understanding between them and the parents. With God, all things are possible.

Psalm 144:12

May our young sons be like plants that are full-grown. And may our daughters be like the corner pieces of a great house.

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Friend, there is so much that any youth will get from these Devotionals. This time of daily devotion will make the youth experience growth in their Christian life. These Devotionals will also make every youth be equipped and able to defend the faith. Friend, purpose and make a deliberate effort to set aside your devotion time.

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