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Teen Bibles are a vital asset for every teenager. The word of God is broken down but not diluted. These Youth Bibles will help you understand God's plan for your life as you become a light set on a hill that can never be hid.

The aim of these Bibles is to help teenagers and youth who are confronted with situations that challenge their faith in God, family, and friends and many issues with their parents. These bibles and resource are do just that, so as to help them apply God's Truth to the situations they face daily. KJV, NIV, Students Bible, Life Application Bible, these and many more have been designed with the best and most powerful features available to strengthen the teenagers. Every teenager needs a Bible for teenagers.

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Psalm 144:12

May our young sons be like plants that are full-grown. And may our daughters be like the corner pieces of a great house.

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