Revival Prayer

Prayer Points

1. That the strongholds within your country to be broken so that a new wave of revival may be released.

2. God will enable a prayer force to be mobilized to reach other unreached parts of your nation.

3.Pray that all Christians will be awakened into evangelization both locally and internationally.

4. Pray for the mobilization of Pastors, leaders, believers and intercessors in your country to awaken in prayers.

5. Pray that God will release a spirit of conviction and repentance upon your nation that millions of souls may get saved.

6. Pray for God to provide all the finances, favor and grace for all the resources that are needed for evangelism.

7. Pray for divine protection of your Christian leaders, that God will grant them protection, wisdom and favour.

8. Pray that God will give prophetic direction for the Nation.

9. Pray for Peace, godly leadership and godly counsel to the Government.


1.Psalm 126:5-6

2.Joel 2:28-29

3. Psalm 137:1-4

4.Romans 13

5. Romans 5:9

6.Jeremiah 16:14-16

7.Amos 9:15

Recommended Books on Revival

Why Revival Tarries...By Leonard Ravenhill

Revival Praying: An Urgent And Powerful Message For The Family Of Christ