Please Fasting Pray For Me

by jeevan
(tamil nadu,india.)

Dear Brothers In Christ, God's Blessings And Grace For The New Year For our family,my dad's M.ethirajan peaceful retirement life god's grace in every moment through out the year,Wisdom In Taking Decision For The Children'S Future To Surrender In God's Hand,Amen, I am jeevan:the first son in the family,Physical Mind Spritual Guidence From God,God's Blessing's And Grace And Good Health,Great Wisdom,Humble Mind before God Jesus And Holy Sprit,And God's Kindness,And Good Friends,Good And Beautiful Bride with God's Blessings And Grace,Humble Mind before God jesus,And Good Family And God's Blessed Children's This Prayer Request For The First Son's Soul And Entirelife,Amen, Second Son: E.rajkumar transfer to native Place,Good Family With God's Grace And Blessings,God's Wisdom,And Humble Mind Before God Jesus,Good Wife Good Children's With God's Blessing,And Kindness Mind Of God,Amen, Daughter :To Get Good Job,And Good Life Partner Blessed By God,And Peaceful Entirelife,And Blessed Children By God's Grace,God's Blessings And Grace Please Pray For This, Mother ;With God's Grace Peaceful Family Life,And Good Health And Peaceful in office,And Promotion and children's future,and good health for husband,by god's grace and blessing to purchace to lands,god's grace in entire family members,special prayer for mother in laws health and blessings and grace from god,two sister's family and children's to be blessed by god,one sister name shakila to covert hindu from christian,Please Remember This For Your Fasting Prayer To pray for all this request,thankyou,Amen.

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