The Monthly OnLine Word Devotionals

At The Monthly OnLine Word devotionals we believe that God is omniscient. He is all knowing. There is nothing that happens that He is not already aware of. He knows the end from the beginning. The Word of God says He knew us even before we were formed in our mother’s womb (Psalm 139). We hope that you be pushed to a new level in Christ.

The Monthly OnLine Word devotionals are evidence that God in His goodness and faithfulness reveals secret things to His servants. As a matter of fact the Scriptures says "Surely the Lord does nothing unless He first reveals His secrets to His servants the prophets" (Amos 3:7). Prior to destroying Sodom and Gomorrah God intimated His friend Abraham (Genesis 18:16-21). Before visiting Egypt with the plagues God informed Moses (Exodus 3:7-10). In the Book of Acts, God sent an angel to tell Paul that the voyage to Rome would end only in loss of the ship and that no life would be lost (Acts 27:21-25).
God still speaks to His people today. He desires that His children walk in the "know" and not in darkness.

The Monthly OnLine Word devotionals are evidence that God still speaks today.Take time to read the On-Line Word each month, receive it as a personal Word to you.Meditate on this Word and it will change your life.You will be blessed.Please note that the Monthly OnLine Word for the previous months can now be accessed by clicking on the respective month links below.

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