Leaders Devotions

Leaders Devotions are for those that are leaders or on the way up the leadership ladder. It is one thing to have the title of leader. It is quite another to actually be an effective leader. They are focused on strengthening the spiritual lives of Christian leaders. The goal: maximum effectiveness for every Christian Leader.

Leaders learn from others

These Leaders devotions books are very good. They are clear and to the the point. Some have short and simple pages that you can read right through as you grow to become a true leader in all shpheres of life. You will be a leader in your home, as a parent, a leader in your office, a leader in your church or wherever God will place you. These book will definately create in you a heart of a leader as you learn to grow in integrity, honesty, management and also having genuine people skills. Learn how Jesus led. His leadership attributes.

Leaders Devotions are written for Christians who are leaders— or aspire to become leaders— and want to bring their spiritual lives to work. These inspiring devotions will help you discover the heart and soul of truly successful leadership through words of scripture as well as leaders who have shared their hard-won wisdom— leaders such as Max De Pree, Robert Greenleaf, Peter Drucker, James Kouzes, Barry Posner, Stephen Covey, Margaret Wheatley, James O'Toole, and Robert Quinn. Devotions for Leaders gives you day-to-day encouragement to lead others with wisdom, integrity, humility, vision, energy, compassion, and faith
Some Leaders have been bold in holding devotions in offices:-

Leaders Devotions -Justice Office

A President's Mediatation - A Leaders Devotion



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