Kenneth Copeland

The Beginning

The Night of 2nd November 1962 marked a turn-around in the life of Kenneth Copeland. Only 25 years of age, he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. Darkness exited and a glorious light shone in his heart. God is A Master Timer; two weeks before this, Gloria Copeland, Ken's wife had also accepted the Lord Jesus Christ in her life. This was the beginning of the long journey that God was to take them on, of which they still are.

Early Life – The Fruit of Obedience

In their early life, Kenneth Copeland and Gloria Copeland struggled financially and had no success in life. This was because of disobedience. God had ministered to them in their hearts that He wanted them to move to Tulsa and attend Oral Roberts University. They however had not obeyed. Instead, they looked at the problems and magnified them. They had several good reasons not to do that: Kenneth Copeland would have been a 30-year-old freshman, they didn’t have the money for tuition or anything else, and they had two small children. How would make ends meet? They disobeyed God based on their reasonongs. This lessons are what later formed a great foundation in their lives as to obeying God’s leading. Gloria Copeland says “We disobeyed God, stayed right where we were, and things got worse and worse and worse,”. The longer they disregarded God’s direction, the farther out of His will they got until they hit some real trouble. They had a serious car wreck that seriously endangered their lives. By God’s mercies, like Jonah in the Bible, they move to Tulsa in obedience to God’s direction. Vital to note, as Gloria pointed out, God did not send the car wreck, but by disobeying, they got out of God’s territory and into the enemy’s territory to be vulnerable to something like that. “God was not our problem, but He was surely our answer,” she says.

At Oral Roberts University – Divine Appointment

At Oral Roberts University, Kenneth Copeland got a job as Co-pilot to Oral Roberts. As a Co-pilot on the airplane that transported Oral Roberts and his staff to his healing meetings, Kenneth Copeland had the opportunity to study Oral Roberts up close. He followed him around. heard him preach. He watched him lay hands on the sick, all these played a great part in shaping his ministry especially on healing.

Take up your bed and walk

One defining moment in Kenneth Copeland’s life was at one of the healing meetings conducted by Oral Roberts. He says he'll never forget the day he had the opportunity to put some of what he'd learned from Oral Roberts into action. he'd just been to a few of his meetings. Spiritually, Ken admits that he was still as green as a gourd. But he'd been assigned to help the people in the invalid room get ready for Brother Oral Roberts to lay hands on them. Ken was standing there for the first time surrounded by every kind of sickness and disease you can imagine. When Oral Roberts came in, instead of laying hands on the people, he caught Kenneth Copeland by the coat sleeve and said, "You're going to do the praying. You're going to lay hands on them." Kenneth Copeland admits, he felt as if all the blood had drained out of his face because he'd never prayed for anything like that in his life. A headache, maybe but not what he was now witnessing.
The first lady to be attended to had cancer of the stomach. She weighed less than 80 pounds. She was just the picture of death. Kenneth Copeland then walked over toward her and before he could open his mouth, he heard a voice from behind him say, "In the Name of Jesus, take up your bed and walk." She instantly spit that cancer out on the floor. Then she jumped off that bed and screamed, "I'm healed," and started running around the room. That moment changed him completely.

Faith – A Bible Study Group

In August of 1967, Copeland experienced a revolution in his outlook through the preaching of yet another evangelist — Kenneth E. Hagin, regarded by many to be the "father of the faith movement”. They returned to Fort Worth, Texas in 1968 where they established their ministry. A Bible study group grew into large revivals meetings by the grace of God.

The Great Commission

Kenneth Copeland and Gloria Copeland began publishing their own newsletter, Believer's Voice of Victory as far back as 1973. They launched the Believer's Voice of Victory radio broadcast in 1976. In 1981 they entered into satellite communications reaching literally the whole world wherever the satellite signals can be received. The ministry's international scope and influence is well attested by its offices in England, the Philippines, South Africa, Australia, Canada, and Hong Kong. Once, The Time magazine referred to Kenneth Copeland as the 'chief exponent' of the Faith movement.


Kenneth Copeland and Gloria Copeland have been attacked a lot by many people. Many it has been because of ignorance of the Word of God and others it has been sheer jealousy. The Bible says that you can test the spirit by checking whether they believe in Jesus Christ as coming from God. Paul in fact gives us a litmus test of checking any ministry. This is found in I Corinthians 15:1-7. God has continued to use this ministry and as the body of Christ we are thankful to God for them.


Kenneth and Gloria continue to pursue aggressively their vision, which is, to teach Christians worldwide who they are in Christ Jesus and how to live a victorious life in their covenant rights and privileges. The fulfillment of this mission takes place when those believers become rooted and grounded enough in God's Word to reach out and teach others these same principles. And the fire continues.


Father, in Jesus Mighty Name, we lift up Kenneth Copeland, Gloria Copeland, their ministry and all their family members. God we pray for a covering of your protection. We ask guardian angels to provide protection all around them. Father we declare that death will not come near them but that they will live to declare your wonderful works. Thank you for perfect health that you are giving them in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen. Lord God, increase them; financially, spiritually and in every aspect. Meet them at their point of need and continue God to use them to be your instruments all over the world in Jesus Great and faithful Name, Amen.

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