Which Jesus do you know?

In the Gospels, Jesus is

Born in Misery
Receives the Thorns
Enemies Applaud
Declared a Criminal
Accepts the Guilt
Receives the Cross
Receives a Crown of Thorns
Receives Death
The Victim

In the Revelations, He

Lives in Majesty
Receives the Throne
Enemies Appeal
Declared a Conqueror
Receives the Crown
Receives a Crown of Gold
Rebukes Death
The Victor

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Jesus the King

What a joy to know that we can have a personal relationship with the Author of Life, The Prince of Life, The Founder, The Chief and Initiator of Life. He is truly the answer to all of humanity’s dilemmas. When we come to the realization that Jesus Christ is the Author of our lives, we will have joy in asking Him in prayer to guide us. He knows the end from the beginning, He is the Alpha – The Author and we can entrust our lives to Him knowing that we are in safe hands. He who is The Creator of all that we see and have not seen surely will enable us, by His wisdom, to lead a life that will glorify Him. We have the right to acknowledge Him not only as Our Redeemer but also as Our All in All. He has all the answers to life’s questions and as Author; nothing is too hard for Him. HE has the blueprint of our lives and we can have access to it by aligning ourselves to His will.