April 04 Jesus Centered Monthly Online Devotional
A Month of Shifting

Praise the Name of Jesus, the King of Kings.

I hope that you are fine and well kept of the Lord Jesus Christ. We bless the Lord who kept us safe in the Month of War and who has gracefully allowed us to step into April, the fourth month in 2004. The Month of SHIFTING.

Get ready for a new direction to be taken, a different course to be adopted. Get ready for CHANGE. In John 5: 1-10 there is a story about Jesus going to the Pool of Bethesda and finding a man who had had an infirmity for 38 years. Most likely the man had been by that pool for those thirty-eight years. The tradition was that people who wanted to be healed would go to the pool and wait for the Angel to stir the water then they would jump in. John 5:3 described these people as “Impotent folk, blind folk, halted individuals, withered individuals, all waiting for the moving of the water”. God is not scared by the number of years you have had an infirmity. He is still in the miracle working business. When Jesus came by that day, it was that man’s day for a miracle.

I declare to you that YOU ARE THE NEXT ON THE LINE.

Next in line for a visitation. Next in line for a shift. Next in line for a Miracle. The time for your shifting is now. I do not know what it is that you have been trusting the Master for, all I know is that this is your time for a SHIFT. Align with His Will and receive the Shift.In this resurrection Month of SHIFTING, I see God changing and shifting every impotent area in your life and making it fruitful. Infact I see a discovery of potential that you had never known existed in you. I call forth uncommon strategies, uncommon ideas, and uncommon potential to spring forth in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

I pray that God will shift You from a position of impotence to a state where your potential explodes. May those who though you were in the grave be surprised as you walk in your resurrection Power in Jesus Great Name, Amen. May all who interact with you see the shift. Yes, may it be seen in your home, at work, in the ministry and in whatever area of assignment that you operate in. I pray for a Shift in your vision. Without a vision a people perish. I declare that this month you will experience a shifting in your vision. You will see clearly and be able to comprehend and walk fully in your purpose in the Great and Powerful Name of Jesus Christ, The Son of The Living God. Your destiny will not be aborted. You will not die but live to declare the Works of The Living God. We declare an utter end to every form of blindness, be it in the area of financial management, in your marriage, as concerns your children, in relation to your work or your ministry, in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ, Amen. Every halting spirit in your life, every area of your life where the spirit of stagnation has held you down, I declare that this is your season of Shifting. As the season shifts, a SHIFTING is also taking place in your life. No longer shall you be seen as withered or paralyzed because the Master Architect of your Life, King Jesus will shift you to new heights spiritually, materially, financially, mentally infact all round in Jesus Great Name, Amen.

May the shifting this month bring you and your household to a place of fulfilled purpose. Remain shifted into His righteousness, peace and great joy in the Holy Ghost. I speak to every stiffness in your life to succumb to the Shifting of The Almighty God in Jesus Precious Name, Amen. God keep you, bless you, grant you peace and make His face to shine upon you in this special month.

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