This Man Jesus is....

The Center of Civilization
The Highest Personality in Philosophy
The Foundation of Theology
The Miracle of the Age
Above all
All Sufficient
All Knowing
Our Strengthener
Our Sustainer
Our Sure foundation
Our Refuge
Our Hope
Our Healer
Our Deliverer
Our Guide

He is The discharger of debtors
He is the beautifier of the meek
He is The Key to Knowledge
He is The Wisdom of God
He is The Pathway to Peace
He is The Prince of Peace
He is The Highway to Holiness
His goodness never changes
His grace is sufficient
His love is pure
His yoke is easy
His burdens are light
His name is Wonderful
His name is Faithful
His name is above all names
He is the King of Kings
He is the Lord of Lords
He is the Sinless One
He is the Faultless One

Death could not handle Him
The grave could not hold Him

HE is The Risen Christ,
The Son of The Living God.

Which Jesus do you know?