by Eboni Grace Thomas

My name is Eboni Grace Thomas and i am thinking about fasting. i have many reasons to fast, there are alot of problems going on in my house: one my 15 year old brother messed up, saw my mom cry and i want to less weight. and im wonderinding whats a good fast i can do. im in high school right now. i was thinking do it for dinner i fast but im not sure can you just fast on days like on sunday only.
MY EMAIL:graciesdog@yahoo.com

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Jun 16, 2011
for Eboni
by: cindy

Hi Eboni,
God lead me to this site today and Isaw your letter. I do not know when you wrote it or what your situation is today, but I do know that prayer and fasting is a powerful weapon to defeat Satan and receive divine intervention for ANY situation or problem. God will certainly bless you if you talk to him about what kind of fast he wants you to do and when...just ask him. I have completed many types of fasts for over 10 years now, including several 21 and 40 day fasts and God continues to teach me so much about the discipline of fasting. I would be glad to answer any specific questions you might have about fasting and over some suggestions and tips I've learned if you'd like to email me at cindycduck@hotmail.com I will be praying for you...God bless you!

Feb 03, 2010
Prayer request
by: Ngole Ngole

My name is ngole,I have been passing through rough moments since lost my parents.I backslided when joined the private,Since this moments I couldn't put myself together closer to THE LORD.my spiritual life has been destroyed which I am trying to build.Iconsider this could not except by DIVINE Intervention.
My Dear brethren i would plead u come to my help Spiritually

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