by Eileen

I was once in church on a sunday morning as i ussually did . but this particular sunday , i was hanging at the jaws of poverty as i had nothing to eat being jobless. my physical appearance was calm and it was only i who knew what i was going through. The service was filled with the precence of the holly spirit as we praised and worshiped.
the preacher gave a beautiful surmon on topic about giving for God and how he greatly reward those who freely give. and it is at that pont that i felt my stomach rumble and strong hunger pangs constricted by stomach. i lost all concentration and felt hopeless.i stated immaginging having a hot meal of rice , Vegetalas and chicken.i remember asking God in my heart " while you bless others wount You God bless me too even though i have nothing to give you?" the thought passed and soon the service was over and i retreated to my tiny room i was renting then to sleep the day way.
out side the church i mingled with friends and was offered a lift home by a lady wo was only known to a friend of mine.
I got to my room and got Into bed to sleep as i was so Hungry and i had neither money nor food
It must have been after about two hour through my sleep that the same friend came rushing to my door shouting "hurry and take this things i have to go back with the utensils" it is then that i saw the exact meal i had fantacied about erlier brought to me. This meal was made by the lady who had given me a lift. i told my friend that i had imagind the very meal but had no means to make it happen. she told me that the lady said that God Had spoken to her to cook for me the very meal. it is worthy to note that on the material day , her family had ordered Pizza for lunch and this was specifically done for me.i have never met the kind lady to this day not even her name do i know. but i can confess that The Lord Hears even your unconcious cry for help when you praise and worship Him and he works through People.all i had at that Time was Praise and worship and that is what i gave with a cheeful heart.THe Lord is continuallly moving me Me from Blessing to Blessing and i do make a concoius effort to help others like i was helpedand i am commited to worshipping Him


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Feb 10, 2012
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your beautiful amazing testimony...it brought me to tears and praise unto God! May God continue to bless you!

Nov 14, 2011
He is mercyfull
by: Thabang

It is very much encouraging to know that the lord still speaks to his people and that the people still are obedient to the voice of the holyspirit.God is our provider there is no doublt about that. thank you for posting this in blessing the nations. by the testimony of their mouth and the blood of the lamb they difeated the enemy. God bless you

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