Fasting-a powerful tool for God's Grace and Mercy

I was a faithful christian before but because of so many things that had happened to me wherein I forgot how to really worshipp Him, it came to the point of neglecting how to be a true Christian not just in words but also in deeds. After more than four years of entertaining sins to it's fullest, GOD used a friend to bring me closer to GOD...I have never experienced such joy...of course, it took me a while to fully understand the true meaning of being a Christian. There are a lot of things I had to experienced first, for me to see first hand how GOD's mercy and pardon really works...before going on my annual vacation last year I decided to have my water baptism to fully recognized that repentance is all we need to totally accept and seek the kingdom of GOD. During my vacation my family and I went through a terrible experienced wherein I almost lose hope...but I know deep within me..HE is there...always been there waiting for me to hold on His promise that He will never leave and forsake His childre...that time I fasted for more than three days eating only a cracker and drinking a lot of fluid...I REALLY FELT HIS HANDS COMFORTING ME...GIVING ME THE COURAGE AND THE ASSURANCE THAT HE IS INDEED THERE WATCHING OVER ME...ALL THROUGH OUT THE DILEMMA THAT I AM FACING AND FIGHTING...AFTER MORE THAN THREE DAYS OF OUR STRUGGLE...HE ANSWERED MY PRAYER...WHAT A RELIEF..WHAT JOY...KNOWING THAT HE'S ALWAYS THERE FOR HIS CHILDREN...JUST HAVE PATIENCE AND FAITH...TRULY AND MAGNIFICENTLY...FASTING IS ONE TOOL TO BRING YOU CLOSER TO GOD...GOD BLESS FELLOW CHRISTIANS...

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