Fasting for Healing

At only 38 years of age, and only 4 years prior losing my mother to breast cancer,the news that I had a lump on my breast that without confirmation of a biopsy looked to definitely be cancerous was stunning.

My mother went through 5 years of mastectomies, and chemotherapy. It was like watching her die a slow death. Her faith was always strong, and she was always of the mindset that she was not afraid of death, only anxious about what she might have to go through to get there.

So that day 4 years ago when I got the news I knew this needed some serious prayer and I needed to listen to the Lord more than ever. So I began to pray....intensly.

Meanwhile the doctors were very anxious about removing the lump and were telling me that they needed to get me in within the next couple of days. They described the lump as asymetrical, had it's own blood source and showed up irregular on both mammogram and ultra sound.

However, God was telling me another story. One night as I slept, I abruptly awoke to the Lord telling me very clearly that "You can heal through me"

More prayer, and thought and the answer was clear. I needed to take a big "time out" with Jesus. Just Him and I, we would get through it together. So I booked the time off work and planned my 1st fast ever with his guidance. Over the next two weeks leading up to my fast, I weened myself off meat, dairy,and breads until only fruits & vegetables were left.

Jesus got me through that fast, as tough as it was through constant prayer, all day every day for 2 weeks.

The Ultra Sound & mammogram...a much smaller lump, no blood source and doctors saying "Wow, those things don't ususally change like that." Today, all is well and I thank the Lord, the Great Physician for healing me through fasting & prayer.

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