Dottie Rambo

"Dottie" Rambo Sudden death - read below

Dottie Rambo has written over 2,500 songs. Among them, “Welcome Holy Spirit”, “I go to the Rock of My Salvation”, “We shall be hold Him” to name just a few.

Dottie is an amazing songwriter; one of my favorite songs is “Too much to gain to loose”. This is a song she says she has crossed so many mountains to turn back. What a great testimony.

Dottie Rambo started writing when she was eight years old. While being interviewed by Bill Gaither, she said that she was at a creek at the age of eight when she heard this song in her mind; she went, sang it to her mom and from that moment she has never turned back. Her mom however told her that she would pay dearly for it, which she has.

Some of her songs that have been a blessing to me apart from the above two are

1. He looked beyond my fault
2. I’ve never been this homesick before
3. Sheltered in the Arms of God
4. Remind Me Dear Lord
5. Tears will never stain the street of that city
6. One More Valley
7. We shall behold HIM.

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Dottie has won so many awards and so many hearts to the Lord through her music. She is a legend a great testimony to the body of Christ. Her songs will never leave you the same.

Our Prayer

God bless and keep her family & loved ones. Her contribution to our generation has surely left an impact. May the light she started dever grow dim in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

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Update - 11 May 2008

"Dottie" Rambo Sudden death

"Dottie" Rambo, died early Sunday, Mother’s day, 11 May 2008. "Dottie" Rambo died when her tour bus ran off the highway and struck an embankment. She died being 74 years old.
Seven other people on the bus were injured in the wreck which occurred about two miles east of Mount Vernon on Interstate 44 according to the Missouri Highway Patrol. The others were hospitalized in Springfield with moderate to severe injuries, according to the patrol police.
"Dottie" Rambo was on her way to a Mother's Day performance in Texas.

She is beholding HIM

One of the signature songs of "Dottie" Rambo is “We shall behold Him”; for sure, She is beholding The Master, her Maker. She sure was a treasure to the Body of Christ.