Digital Piano

A digital piano is an musical instrument which duplicates the sound and feel of playing an acoustic piano. By use of digitally sampled sounds, amplifiers and speakers instead of strings and hammers it produces the piano-like sounds. In most case, the sound for the note has been sampled off a high-quality acoustic piano. On pressing a key, the sensors detect the key's velocity, and a microchip produces the note with corresponding loudness; the faster, or harder you hit the keys, the louder, just like a piano. Keys are usually weighted to approximate the feel of a piano's keyboard rather than that of an organ (soft, very little resistance, light).

As believers, we should not shy away from these great instruments like these Digital Piano since these will help us in our worship to God. David in Psalm 145 says that we should dance unto God with all kinds of instruments

Advantages of a Digital Piano


1. Portability. Most digital pianos weigh less than 200 lbs
2. No tuning needed unlike non digital pianos.
3. Many Sounds. Most digital pianos come with many inbuilt sounds - of pianos and other instruments.
4. Volume Control is a great feature. This allows you to control your time.
5. Low maintenance. Apart from keeping liquids away, keeping it out of direct sunlight, and occasional dusting, etc., digital pianos are virtually maintenance-free.
6. Electronic interface. Many digital piano models have an MIDI interface capability, which allows one to connect the piano to the computer or other MIDI hardware and enjoy the benefits of digital technology. As you pay more, the built-in recording and playback capability available will become more elaborate.

Popular Digital Piano Models

1. Yamaha Clavinova digital piano
2. Technics Digital Piano
3. Roland HP series digital piano
4. Kurzweil digital piano

Our Prayer is that God will guide you to what is the best for your self or church or school, or whatever organization.

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