Have you ever entered a bookstore or clicked on a website, saw so many devotionals and wondered which was the best? How can you identify what we term as the precious ones?

In this age and season, where deception is on the rise, one has to be careful what he reads even more what the children read hence our focus on precious ones. Remember, false religions like the Jehovah Witnesses, the New Age movements are subtly introducing false doctrines from all angles..if one is not careful one can be caught in this evil trap.

We desire that from here you will be exposed to those christian daily devotionals that are based on sound doctrine that you and your family will be blessed with. We hope also to introduce to you the precious ones by some of the Generals of Faith like Smith Wigglesworth, Charles Hudson Spurgeon etc.

If you do not already have a time of devotion we will share with you why every believer needs this time. We will share with you also the various methods that you may use to accomplish this.

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Every Christian should have a time set aside to spend with the Lord. This is known as one’s "devotion time". During this time one could do some or all of the following: praise, worship, read a devotional or read and meditate on the Word of God. It is a matter of choice what one decides to do. Sometimes however the Holy Ghost may decide to change the pattern. Whatever one does however, devotion time is incomplete without prayer. A Christian must pray. The word "Devotional" has its root in the word "devote". To devote is to give oneself wholly; to dedicate; to consecrate, while "Devotional" is consecration for worship and prayer

For many Christians, reading a daily devotional is a very important part of their devotion time. Devotionals are scripture-based write-ups of varying lengths, which could be true experiences, aimed at encouraging the reader to live a life dedicated to God.

There are many reasons why a Christian should use a daily devotional. These include:

(a) Encouragement – we all go through different situations and circumstances and at such times reading a devotional may be the answer. These christian devotionals may speak to your situation, encourage you, and tell you how to come out of the situation.

(b) Prompting us to study the Word of God – daily devotionals should be Word-centered. Reading a devotional will prompt you to read more of the Word of God.

(c) Helping to increase your faith – the Word of God says "faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God." As you read the daily devotionals and meditate on the examples and experiences that are cited,your faith is stired up.

(d) Instructing us in the Word – 1 Tim 3:16

(e) Telling us of other peoples experiences - Gives us the opportunity to know and learn from the experiences of others.

(f) Helping to shape us and correct error and false doctrine

(g) Helping to discipline us and encourage us to be obedient to the Word of God

(h) Prompting us to righteous and holy living

There is much more that one truly gets from a time of daily devotion. First, you experience growth in your Christian life. Secondly, you become equipped and able to defend your faith. However, you should be cautious of the distractions that will come when you want to have a time with God. Purpose and make a deliberate effort to set aside your devotion time. Remember to choose a good devotional book that best suits you. It is our prayer that the various books, and guidance will be useful in drawing you closer to God. Our sincere desire is that when all is said and done, Jesus will say "Well done good and faithful servant".