Christian Children's Fund

Dear Lord, please help the Christian Children's Fund to
continue & expand their work helping children and their families in The Wetlands, Kenya and all of Africa. Please provide them with the tools for education, digging water wells, and teach them how to properly care for their animals as well as themselves. Please provide the children & adults with opportunities for higher education so that they may improve the lives of everyone. Please send doctors & nurses to educate the
people on health issues & to provide medication to those who are ill. Also to send agricultural educators to teach them how to farm efficiently so that they may have sufficient food for all in their villages. Dear Lord please let them know that You are their strength & their salvation & keep them safe from harm. Heavenly Father please turn the minds of those who would do harm toward to others away from evil & change their lives to do good deeds instead. Also please destroy the poachers who would do harm to animals everywhere. And Father please send your angels to protect all the adults & children from human trafficking & kidnapping. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

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