Bill and Gloria Gaither

Bill and Gloria Gaither are such a humble couple. Many of us here the songs "He touched me" and "Because He lives" but hardly know the man and woman behind these annointed songs.

Bill Gaither was born in Alexandria, Indiana in 1936, the son of George and Lela Gaither. His first group was the Bill Gaither Trio. After graduating from college, he worked as an English teacher for a while. He married Gloria Sickal before quitting his teaching job and dedicating his energies fully to Christian music.

The Best from my Perspective of Bill and Gloria Gaither

When listening to the Homecoming videos of Bill & Gloria Gaither one cannot say this is better over the other. They are all diverse yet very rich. My wife and I have kept buying and buying almost all that have been produced by these blessed servants of God.

I however have to confess; when I saw the DVD production of Howard and Vestel, tears came to my eyes. Tears of joy and of God's faithfulness. The powerful testimony that Howard gives as they celebrate 50 years of their marriage..This is a collection I would reccomend that every believer should have.

Bill and Gloria Gaither

The other great contributer to the Bill and Gloria Gaither Homecomings is the annointed servant of God, Dottie Rambo. Dottie is an amazing songwriter. Some of the excellent hits I like to listen to composed and sung by her are "I go to the Rock" which was also sung by Whitney Huston; "We shall behold Him", and the powerful encourager "Too much to gain to lose" a song clearly declaring that there is no turning back. It may suffice to note that Dottie Rambo has written over 2,500 published songs and she is not done yet. One great thing about Dottie is that she composes songs out of experience and they are real life. God bless and keep her.


May God bless these generals who have helped lift up the Name of the Lord. God bless and keep the Gaither's and may He continue to enlarge their vision as they bring together many artists to magnify and glorify the name of the Lord. Their contribution to our generation has surely left an impact and my prayer is that God would bless us that the flame should continue to burn thousand of years later till the Lord comes in jesus Mighty Name, Amen.