Top Three Best Sellers - Devotionals

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1. Smith Wigglesworth Devotional

It is recorded that Smith Wigglesworth prayed and 14 people rose from the dead!

We have used this devotional year in year out. Since 2002,it just seems to become afresh each time.

One thing you will find is that Smith Wiggleswoth shares personal testimonies and these are quite encouraging. Remember, it is on record that he is one of the evangelists that God has used to raise the most number of people from the dead.

A humble plumber who never knew how to read, taught by the wife and mightily used of God.

I encourage you to get this devotional.. Smith Wigglesworth Devotional

2. Be Still and Know

This is yet another devotional that we enjoy to read. Many of the devotions are short with very apt examples which leave a teaching imprinted in your heart.

The Author, Millie Stamm, a is little known but I can assure you that this devotional will definately leave an impact in your life or the life of whoever you give to.

I rate it almost equal to the Smith Wigglesworth devotional.

Buy it or gift it ... Be Still and Know

3. Spiritual Desire Devotional

Darlene Bishop is an overcomer. Attacked with cancer in March 1986, she trusted God and his Word. By the end of that year, she was completely healed, setting her on a path to find God's true purpose for her life. In this devotional, she shares devotions on what she's learned about spiritual desire and as you enjoy this devotional, you will see the role it plays in transforming your heart to accomplish God's will.

Get this devotional, or buy it for someone.... Spiritual Desire Devotional

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