A Testimony of my Fast

by Tahirah
(Birmingham, uk)

I felt led several times to fast. But never did it because of vanity. Didnt want to lose any weight as i loved how i look. lol. crazy but true.
I recently felt led to do a 21 day fast for the infilling of the Holy Spirit. I 'debated' with God, and gave every reason not to fast. Anyway a friend and i decided lets just do it. Be obedient.
We did a 21day Daniel fast. Which was difficult. Had withdrawal symptoms for the first week. But after that God's strength kicked in. I no longer desired the food, but more of God. Whenever i picked up my bible i got revelation. Near the end of the fast i felt that i should continue on to a 40 Day. But decided against it.Finished my 21 days fast. The next day i felt a strong urge to do a 3day fast with one meal after 6pm.
which i started immediately. God opened up His word to me even more.
On the last day of that 3day. I was led to do a 7 day fast. Again with one meal after 6pm. Having lost over a stone by this point i wasnt best pleased.. But was obedient.
Again. I drew even closer to God. But still not recieved the baptism of the Holy Spirit. But i kept saying there must be something i have not done correctly.. I was upset. But happy that God was giving me revelation after revelation.. The last day of my 7 day fast was a Sunday.
So we were all at church. Worshipping but i felt extremely different. I was not worried about the time or the fact that church should have been finished. I was worshipping. At the very end of service I recieved the Baptism of the Holy Spirit,. Praise God..
The bible speaks about 'when' you fast. not 'If'.
Fasting is recommended as a regular thing. It doesnt always have to be food. But it has to be a sacrifice. i love food. So this was the best thing to me. if i had fasted from tv, it would have been no use. Because i hardly watch it. But to some they have to catch up with the soap operas everyday. God has really ministered to me. People say their is a glow about that was not there before. I am not ashamed of the gospel. Be encouraged by this testimony.

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