Women Devotions

Women Devotions are designed to encourage women, mothers, wives, single parents, to spend time reading and meditating on the wonderful Word of God.

They vary, from brief devotions to lengthy ones. All that we encourage you to have are those that are based purely on Scripture. There are some that are ideal for reading during breakfast, other are ideal while waiting in the car for children after school or for anytime people "on the go" want to make the most of just a few minutes. These devotions, we pray, will encourage you to meditate on God's Word daily, even in the midst of a very busy and active schedule.

This devotional has received great reviews from Amazon.

Here are some of the reviews:-


“I have many devotional books, but very few have found their way into my morning quiet-time ritual. But from the first day I began "His Princess" I knew this was a book I wanted to read every day. Encouraging and insightful, this book reminds me how special I am to my Lord. I love this book!”


“His Princess by Sheri Rose Shepherd is a book of love letters heaped with encouragement, acceptance, and gentle advice. This exceptional devotional is an uplifting and learning experience geared for girls and women. Sized to fit in your purse, the hard cover book has 184 pages. Each love letter is a short devotion accompanied by a matching verse.”


“This is the sweetest, most loving little book ever written to women to show his love for us. I have purchased many for gifts for all of my friends and family.” _________________________________________________________________

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