Top 5 Wedding Considerations & Resources

1. A Wedding Planner

The wedding Planner will give the bride and groom a clear view and enable them record all the ideas, cause them to come up with budget guidelines, enable them have a to-do list while facilitating the generation of the guest list, the vendors list and also get tips and advice on the best way to plan their big day.

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2. Wedding Flowers

Start your flower decision by picking a theme for the wedding ceremony and also for the reception site. You need to choose your colors, and figure out the bridal gown and evening dress colors. The more information you have the better. Remember it is your vision that they have to run with.

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3. Guest List

One of the very important lists of the wedding is your guest list. You want to write the names of everyone you would like to have in your wedding. Just remember that the number you arrive at will determine the chapel you will have your ceremony in. The list will determine your budget and as this will be reflected in everything you have to order. What this means is that your guest list, the names of family member, friends, past and present will cost you in catering and other wedding-day expenses.

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4. Wedding Day Photographs & Video Recording

Planning your wedding photography and videography falls is one of the very important aspects of the wedding day. If possible have a backup for both the photographer and the videographer. Many precious memories have been lost in thin air because this element was never properly considered. No element of the big day lasts longer than the wedding pictures, which will give delight not just in years but in generations to come.

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5. The Ring

The rings are an outward sign of your commitment to the marriage institution. A ring is meant to be one that will last as long as possible. It is a one time, wedding day, precious gift to your new spouse. Buy one that you will be glad to wear ten years from your Great day. Look at these .. .. CLICK HERE

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