Pastor Paula White

Her Life

Pastor Paula White co-pastors the 22,000 member Without Walls International Church, based in Tampa, Florida with her husband Randy. Her story has come to be known as one of ups and downs. Tragedy and triumph. Poverty and Prosperity. One thing is for sure; she truly believes that if God has a calling on your life, no devil from hell can terminate it.

Pastor Paula White went through very trying situations in her life till she calls herself a "messed up Mississippi girl" who God delivered. Pastor Paula White was raised in a small town called Tupelo, Mississippi. Until the age of 5, her life was normal, this included a loving family and a stable home life. Pastor White was very close to her father and she prided herself as being a "Daddy’s girl".

The loss of her father affected Paula’s entire family. Lonely and disillusioned, she began a decade long search for love and acceptance that she had only known from her father. This led to years of sexual and physical abuse from the ages of 6 to 13.

She experienced bouts of depression and suffered from a serious eating disorder. She grew rebellious and cold and oppressed. She was lost, hurting, and desperate. God then connected Paula and Randy divinely. A marriage that has been blessed with four adult children Kristen, Angie, Brandon, and Bradley; and 2 grandchildren Drew and Emma. (As of June 2005).

Her Ministry

Currently, Paula White co-pastors the 22,000-member Without Walls International Church, based in Tampa, Florida, with her husband Randy. She also runs the Ministries and hosts the nationally syndicated television program, "Paula White Today."

The Church has had such great impact that in 1997 Pastor Paula White and Pastor Randy were awarded the Keys to the City of Tampa and received further recognition when a local street was renamed “Without Walls International Place” in honor of the church.

God has continued to use them to reach many. Without Walls International Church has established over 250 ministries with many of these being outreach ministries that extend to inner-city families, the homeless, the needy and the elderly. Pastor Paula has also been instrumental in establishing a medical center, an adoption agency, Christian academy, vocational and technical center and a ministerial internship certification institute.


Pastor Paula White has written a lot. One of her outstanding writings is the book, Deal With It

This Book shows how a woman can face a world filled with uncertainty and yet walk in perfect peace? Paula White offers answers in her new book, Deal With It! You Cannot Conquer What You Will Not Confront. Sharing wisdom she's gleaned from her mentors and role models - the women of the Bible - White helps readers face the issues that are standing in the way of living a healthy, vibrant life


Our Prayer is that God will continue to bestow Pastors Paula and Randy White with wisdom. That God will protect and keep them. That The Almighty God will bless the work of their hands and that God will grant them peace. May all that contend with them never succeed and may instead every curse be turned to a blessing in their lives. May God continue to fill them with humility and may the focus of spreading the Gospel never depart from their hearts.

We bless their children, they will be the head and not the tail, above only and never beneath and that the love of God will be greater in their lives than what is in their parents lives in Jesus Faithful Name, Amen.

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