Daily Bread Devotions.

Daily devotionals have overtime come to be known as daily bread. The history of this goes way back to Exodus 16:4 when God rained down manna from heaven for the children of Israel. The manna was a promise from God. They have been associated with this to bread because they received this provision each morning, the consistency and the source being God.

Devotionals have been known to be used by God to minister direct to situations. A satisfaction is always derived as if one were eating manna.

Christ in in John 6:41 He says that "I am The Bread of Life, which came from heaven". In John 1:1-14 Jesus is shown to be the Word of God hence the use of this term in reference of devotionals.

They are sweet, fresh hot filling bread. Do not miss your portion this day. A sample of this include:

The Upper Room
The Daily Bread
Morning by Morning by Charles Spurgeon
Smith Wigglesworth Devotional

Excellent Devotions

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Some Precious Devotions: - Even your enemies shall be your friends

According to the scriptures


Not a Proverb, not a Byword but a Testimony

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