Bible CD

Bible CD for Kids

Here is the entire dramatized New Testament, digitally recorded with outstanding sound effects on 15 multicolored CDs in the easy-to-understand Contemporary English Version. Included are 100 Best Loved Kid's Songs, strategically placed to enhance Scripture. CDs come in a uniquely designed zipper case with scratchproof cloth pockets for easy access and extra storage space for additional CDs. Intended for ages 3-12.

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Bible CD for Adults

Imagine having instant and simultaneous access to multiple Bible translations and tens of thousands of pages of rich, timeless reference material, all available on your personal computer at the click of a mouse and at a fraction of the cost...This Bible on CD is a great asset to believers. PC STUDY BIBLE is highly recommended as the world’s #1 Bible software!!

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Bible on DVD

The words and images of the King James Bible are brought to life for the first time ever on DVD, some 70 hours of dramatic presentation. Experience all of the historical drama and view a complete library filled with beautiful images of the Holy Land. Narrated by Stephen Johnston, the Holy Bible on DVD is your personal video/audio guide through the wonders of biblical history, and is the perfect supplement for students, teachers, bible study groups and Sunday Church-goers. Stephen Johnston’s crystal clear, mellow baritone voice provides distinct pronunciation, and easily makes the Scriptures come alive. Great for Dramatic Scripture Presentations on Video Projectors especially during Bible Study.

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