Prayer | Avian Flu

Friends, we need Prayer for the Avian Flu. The Avian Flu is a bird flu virus that has spread from Asia to Europe. It is also known as H5N1, the virus can infect humans as well as birds. The World Health Organisation, The European Union and many World leaders and health officials are declaring this as a threat of pandemic proportions, and pressure is on to develop effective containment measures and treatments. As Christians, our duty is to pray.

Prayer Strategy for the Bird Flu

The following are the areas we should focus on as we pray. Always remember that the Holy Spirit will minister to you whatever else you need to pray. Use this as a guide.

Prayer Points

1. Let us pray that God will supernaturally intervene in the lives of those that have been infected by the bird flu and let us believe Him to for healing. (Jeremiah 30:17)

2. Let us pray that its spread will be contained in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen. (Numbers 16:48)

3. Let us pray that God will give Wisdom to the Scientist and all those angaged in search for a cure. (Exodus 28:3)

4. Let us pray that every believer shall be preserved from this bird flu. (Deutronomy 7:15)

Let us remind Jesus of John 14:14 and Jeremiah 32:27.


Friend, from today onward. Make it a habit to pray for this Bird flu each and every moment and also whenever you hear it mentioned in the news. May God fill you with wisdom on how to pray. God be with you.

Your Praying Friends
Precious Christian Devotional Team

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