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Have you ever entered a bookstore or clicked on a website, saw so many devotionals and wondered which was the best? How can you identify what we term as the precious ones?

Precious Devotionals

In this age and season, where deception is on the rise, one has to be careful what he reads even more what the children read hence our focus on precious ones. Remember, false religions are subtly introducing false doctrines from all angles..if one is not careful one can be caught in this evil trap. Jesus Christ was very critical of religious leaders that misinterpreted the law and placed burdens on people. That was then and it is still the case presently. Cults have also sprung up and it is vital that the incorruptible WORD of God is shared.

Our Desire

We desire that from here you will be exposed to those christian daily devotionals that are based on sound doctrine that you and your family will be blessed with. We hope also to introduce to you the precious ones by some of the Generals of Faith like Smith Wigglesworth, Charles Hudson Spurgeon etc.
If you do not already have a time of devotion we will share with you why every believer needs this time. We will share with you also the various methods that you may use to accomplish this.

Your Steps

Friend, Your steps have been ordered of God to the Daily Devotionals site and I pray that you will be blessed as we share with you what we have. Now may God bless you, keep you and grant you the desires of your heart. May your love for Him grow to heights never imagined. I pray that you will be a city set on a hill that cannot be hid. May goodness and mercy follow you all the days of your life. In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.


Welcome and please when blessed please do forward the link to your friends.

Be Expectant

Begin the journey by trusting God to guide your steps

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Prayer Closet

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John 14:14 (King James Version)

"If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it."

Precious Monthly Online Word
Join the Team wher we pray for one another and receive a monthly Word of that encourags and uplifts us spiritually.
Christian Clothing
Christian Clothing Apparel & Accessories For the Whole Family. Do not just wear any clothing Wear clothing that allows you to share and live your faith! Plus sizes available. Large Variety of Styles. Types: Clothing, Hats, Necklaces, Bracelets, Pop Sockets and Mugs.
Who is Jesus to You? King? Saviour? Lord? Prince of Peace? He is My Brother.
Jesus, In the Gospels, is born in misery ; the enemies applaud, He is convicted but in revelation we see the Jesus from a different perspective.
Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit, you are Our Guide, Our Comforter, Our Intercessor, Our Friend, Our Advocate, we love you.
The Holy Spirit
The encounter with The Holy Spirit will transform our prayer life, our witnessing abilities shall be transformed, our love for one another shall grow (they shared all they had), fear will be cast out
All Prayers
All Prayers for the sick, when fasting, when in need, the Lords prayer etc
The Lords Prayer
What has commonly come to be known as the Lord’s Prayer was never actually the Lord’s Prayer but the disciple’s prayer. From a strict sense the Lords Prayer is what we see in John 17 or in the Garden
Healing Prayers
Healing prayers are meant to give you guidance as you ask God to intervene in your situation or that of a loved one. God is God of all flesh, is anything too hard for Him? With man, things may be impo
Prayer - A vital key to a dying generation.
The more we prayer there is in the world, the better the world will be, the mightier the forces against evil everywhere . Prayer, in one phase of its operation is disinfectant and a preventive
Do you need salvation? Jesus our saviour say's whoever calls on His name shall be saved. Born anew. Pray this short prayer and receive new birth. Jesus still saves.
Power of Prayer
Power of Prayer is a description of what we have received when Jesus said " All Power in heaven and on Earth has been given to me..."
Revival Prayer
Revival Prayer is aimed at stirring up your nation. May God bring an outpouring of His Spirit as we pray for our respective countries. May Revival Come.
Prayer Room
Prayers are deathless. The lips that uttered them may be closed to death, the heart that felt them may have ceased to beat, but the prayers live before God, and God’s heart is set on them and prayers
Why daily devotions?
A daily devotion a day is like daily bread. A daily devotional center with a difference
All Devotionals
All Devotionals, youth devotionals, teen devotionals, women devotionals etc
Top Three Best Sellers - Devotionals
The top three best sellers devotionals are devotionals that we think will be an asset to you.
Teen Devotions
Teen devotions are a great assets for the youth. Teenagers need a WORD that will direct and keep them. These devotionals will guide your teens to keep on track.
Family Devotionals
Get your family off to a wonderful start with great family devotionals. Bible Based, Jesus centered and nourishing for your family and the children. The Word of God will change your days.
Daily Devotions
Daily Devotion Center
Leaders Devotions
Leaders, start off to a wonderful start with great leaders devotions. Bible Based, Jesus centered and nourishing for your work and family. The Word of God will change your days.
Youth Devotions
Youth Devotions and devotionals will encourage and enrich every Youth as they aspire to move to greater heights in Christ Jesus. You will never be the same again.
Women Devotions
Women Devotions will help stir up the fire in both the busy woman and the house wife and help show you that God has a purpose for each one of you.
Christian Devotions
Start your day with life changing christian devotions from our collection of Bible based, faith filled christian daily devotions. Ideal for individuals,family or groups.
Daily Bread
Feed yourself and your household with The Bread of Life, Jesus Christ. The Word of God is inspiring, educative and character molding. These daily devotionals, the daily bread will greatly bless you.
Pastor Joel Osteen Daily Devotional
The Joel Osteen Daily devotional prepares, each one that read, to embrace the sweet life that God intended us to have. God declares in Jeremiah 29:11 that He has great plans for each and every one us.
Today's Devotional
Receive your daily devotional from here.
Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence
Jesus Calling : Enjoying Peace in His Presence a devotional
2018 A Year to cross over
2018 A Year to cross over
TD Jakes
Bishop T.D. Jakes ministry reaches out to broken people and leads them to the healing hands of God. TD Jakes teachings are cutting edge, relevant and applicable to people of all backgrounds
Benny Hinn
Pastor Benny Hinn often preaches from the unadulterated Word of God on subjects that will enrich and challenge you to walk closer with the Lord. His teachings are designed to change you and your hous
Pastor Paula White
At the age of five,Pastor Paula White big world crushed down. Her father committed suicide. The sudden loss of her father affected Paula’s entire family. Lonely and disillusioned, she began a long
Joel Osteen
Joel Osteen, Pastor. Indeed God can take you from obscurity to the limelight. God is no respector of Persons. Look at Joel Osteen's life at Lakewood Church.
Joyce Meyer
Joyce Meyer was born in 1943 a day before the father left for World War II. The father was later to return but all was a nightmare for Joyce Meyer. She suffered abuse from the father; her mother did
Prophetess Juanita Bynum
One thing God has blessed Prophetess Juanita Bynum with is boldness. She is never afraid to deal with hard, delicate issues, which an ordinary preacher would overlook or be afraid to talk about.
Kenneth Copeland
A defining moment in the life of Kenneth Copeland was at a healing meeting conducted by Oral Roberts. He says he'll never forget the day he had an opportunity to put some of what he'd learned
Spurgeon will bless you with his devotionals. There are many but few stand out that touch your spirit and set you on fire afresh for God. That is the intent of his devotionals.
Smith Wigglesworth
Smith Wigglesworth was born in a little village called Menston in Yorkshire, England. He was one of four children born to John and Martha Wigglesworth. They were poor as John Wigglesworth made very li
A Preacher of Generations, Charles H Spurgeon.
Charles H Spurgeon said, there is a kind of prayer that fails for lack of precision. It's as if a regiment of soldiers all fire their guns anywhere. Hoping somebody would be killed yet missing all.
Christian Sermons
These christian sermons are life changing. One Word from God is able to turn your darkness to light. Get ready.
Prayer | Fasting
Jesus, talking of prayer and fasting said "Moreover, when ye fast, be not, as the hypocrites, of a sad countenance: for they disfigure their faces, that they may appear unto men to fast. Verily I say
Christian Fasting
Christian fasting when done appropriately will destroy the works of darkness, infuse new strength to a believer and push you closer to your Maker. It is a joy.
Biblical Fasting
Biblical Fasting is a unique and very rewarding experience. How to fast is a question often asked by many people. We dealt extensively with that in our series Prayer and Fasting and Christian Fasting.
fasting has the power to destroy the works of darkness, infuse new strength to your spirit and push you closer to your Maker. It is a joy.
Christian Music for Daily Devotions
christian music for your self and your family with WORD filled Music. Great for daily deotions. Christian Gospel, contemporary music, psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.
Bill and Gloria Gaither
Bill and Gloria Gaither have been blessed immensely. Many of us hear the songs
Dottie Rambo
Dottie rambo is an amazing songwriter; one of my favorite songs is “Too much to gain to loose”. This is a song she says she has crossed so many mountains to turn back. What a great testimony
Digital Piano
A digital piano is a musical instrument which duplicates sound and feel of playing an acoustic piano
The Amplified Bible
What made me love with the Amplified Bible was when a friend of mine shared with me Hebrews 4:12.The NIV version says “For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, i
Teen Bibles
Teen Bibles are an asset to every young child. The Wisdom from the Teen Bibles will help the youths grow to Gods desired potential.
Powerful Declarations - Bible Quotes
Declarations from Great Men of Old, bible quotes,sounded more like vows as they spake. Power flowed from each quote. Their very lives were at stake from their declarations.
Bible Quotes
Bible Quotes from Great Men of Old flowed with Power. These Bible quotes will reveal their life and committment. You will be blessed. Allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you through them.
Bible CD
Here is the entire dramatized New Testament, digitally recorded with outstanding sound effects on 15 multicolored CDs in the easy-to-understand Contemporary English Version. Included are 100 Love song
Puzzle - Bible Study
The Puzzle can be an effective tool to trigger our memory and prompt us to study the bible. This is a provocative puzzle leading to Bible Study.
Bible Healing Scriptures
Bible healing scriptures are a great way of praying for healing for all patients
Christrian Crossword
Enhance your Bible knowledge with these Christian Crossword Puzzles
Intercession ministry and intercessors are not always born. Life and the life of those you love can lead you to become a great intercessor. If you love God , then pray His heart and watch Him work...
Spiritual Warfare
Great lessons in spiritual warfare can be learnt from the Old Testament account of Moses lifting up his hands while the war was being won in the valley is a great illustration. (Exodus 17)
HIV | AIDS| Prayer
Whether AIDs or HIV, prayer to God can work a miracle. All is not lost, God loves HIV/AIDS patients and He can heal them
A Healing Prayer For Lung Cancer Patients
A healing prayer for lung cancer patients are christian based prayers that one can use when praying for a loved one that is sick. God still heals. Jesus is alive and able to deliver.
Prayer for Your City
Prayer for your city. Get these strtategies and embark on demolishing the forces of darkness and let freedom reign in your city
Prayer for Africa
Here at Prayer for Africa, we welcome you and ask that we call on God to intervene in the situations in Africa. God says "Call unto me and I will answer" Jeremiah 33:3. God also says " Behold, I AM th
Prayer for Dr Juanita Bynum Weeks
prayer for Dr Juanita bynum weeks. God has raised Dr. Juanita Bynum weeks to great heights. This same God will see her through and help many in the process.
Prayer for Pastor Benny Hinn
This is a prayer for Pastor Benny Hinn and Suzanne Hinn and the children. Let us pray that God intervenes and that the divorce be diffused and God be glorified in their marriage
Prayer For Haiti
Prayer For Haiti
Praying for Cancer Patients
Prayer for Cancer patients is a move to get the christians to pray to God for all cancer patients in the world. Whether its breast cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer etc we know that God is able
Cancer | prayer
This website was created to provide offer a prayer for cancer and mesothelioma patients, their families and friends with hope; hope beyond the pain.
God in Heaven, we pray for all those undergoing depression, that the Lord will work out Your perfect will in their situation and bring about healing in Jesus Mighty Name, Amen. We ask that Jesus Chris
Jobs that you can do while at home
Money Making People Program
Some people are not happy with this title saying they are not average. I understand. But my friend, In the end, you should be a blessing to people at any time without thinking twice! If you cannot,
The Monthly Online Word devotionals
The Monthly Online Word devotionals will help push your faith level to a higher degree.
God's Remnants
God's Remnants. This message is not for everyone. It is for someonethat is unique who has a seal of God on his or herlife. If you are not urged in your spirit to readfurther by the Holy Ghost,do not r
Crossing Over
I see you crossing over barriers victoriously to the glory of God. I see extension and enlargement. I see a pass-through anointing, a break-through anointing and a Crossing Over anointing rest
The Kingdom of God
How does the Kingdom of God operate? How do we tell of the presence of the Kingdom?What rights does one have as a citizen of this Kingdom? Does the Kingdom have a
Fortune Telling
Fortune telling is definitely not of God. In fact it is detestable to God. We thought it best to give you some background about fortune telling so you can understand it better.
Decrees for the second half of 2016
spiritual warfare our battle is not against flesh and blood
Spiritual warfare. Our battle is not against flesh and blood.Warfare defined, the meaning of spiritual warfare. I hope from this you can get warfare prayers.
Fasting to Healing
Today, all is well and I thank the Lord, the Great Physician for healing me through fasting & prayer.
No More Sheets
No More Sheets is not just Juanita Bynums story..It is the story of each one of us. She opens up her life and allows us to receive healing as we watch her wounds. God bless and keep Prophetess Juanita
Woman Thou Art Loosed
Woman Thou Art Loosed drew hundreds to his weekly class. This classroom setting soon grew into an annual conference that is now drawing attendees from all over the world. What began as a si
Popular Christian bible scripture readings for weddings
Popular Christian bible scripture readings for weddings are those verses from the Bible that have been read over and over in many churches as bride and groom tied the knot of a lifetime.
Our Top 5 Wedding Considerations & Resources
Our Top 5 Wedding Considerations & Resources
Christian Jobs
A Christian Jobs and Employment Center , list of open Christian employment opportunities. Christian job or career change seekers may also submit their resume for listing in this database
God has a plan, a purpose, for each and every one of us. In Jeremiah 29:11, God declares “The plans I have for you are for good and not for evil, to give you a future and an expected end”
Laughter is medicine. These christian cartoons will bring humour and cause laughter to your soul.
Gift Card Notes
These Gift Card Notes are meant to help you express your heart to the receiver of the Gift. We are confident, they will be blessed.
Christian Electronics
Christian Electronics page aims at availing to christians the latest in electronics. As believers, we will not be left behind in the technological race.
The Threshing Floor
The threshing floor will help you move from simply praying to being an effectual intercessor. Prophetess Juanita Bynum shows us by the Holy Spirit how to move from selfish prayers to being living sacr
Christian Movies
My wife and I enjoy watching Christian Movies more so in the evenings after service. We particularly like those that have a great Christian moral tied to them.
Daily Devotional Links
Linking christian through devotionals and any link possible. We are one.
Christmas Trees
Artificial Christmas Trees are a great way of beautifying our Christmas season. Many of these new trees are so beautiful, long lasting, and most of the Christmas trees come with a free storage bag!
Christian T Shirts
Christian T Shirts to help on declare his faith without speaking
The DailyDevotionals Site
Start your day with a life changing christian dailydevotional from our collection of Bible based, faith filled christian dailydevotionals. Ideal for individuals,family or groups.
Site Map for Precious Christian Daily Devotions Site
Site Map for the Daily Devotions Page
Prayer for Marriage
Through Prayer for Marriage we believe that God can heal your marriage.